Hello there! Lots of exciting things have been happening, and I certainly hope and plan to update the world soon. In the meantime, here are some of the more common, recurring themes I’ve been seeing with patients lately:

-It’s much easier to hold tension than it is to build it, but the payoff is almost always less discomfort and bigger, more efficient lifts.
-On the same note, it’s amazing how many people hold tension in the facial muscle and muscles of mastication that surround the TMJ. I’ve always felt there’s a big connection between the TMJ, SCM, and Cervical spine mechanics, and this has certainly been the case for a few patients lately.
-Never, ever underestimate the necessity of hip rotation and how easy it is to lose your active range. As one of my favorite movies states, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.
-For as many articles as I see online about proper deadlift form, I see still many people who have difficulty with hip hinging. Like many issues, it’s a motor control/planning problem and rarely a limitation in tissue length.

Hope you enjoyed my random musings! If any of the above thoughts tickle your fitness fancy, drop a line and I can dedicate a longer post to it.

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