It seems fitting that my first, actual post for this Facebook page would occur exactly 3 years to the day after my graduation from chiropractic school. Well, technically, it’s 3 years and a day, but who’s counting? Clearly I am, so I might as well include the fact that it’s been 894 days since I made my Facebook page as well*. Either way, it’s strange to think about how much I’ve learned since 7/23/12 (or even since 7/24/12). It’s truly staggering. What’s even more enjoyable/uplifting/motivating/slightly terrifying is the fact that I still have so much left to learn, relearn, forget, and then remember again!

As part of my 3 years+1 day-and-counting learning process, I have written various drafts of blog posts both on my phone and in my brain. They have ranged in content from “top strategies for active mobility” to “why the hips don’t actually lie”, and many things in between. The operative word would be “drafts” however, as I have not published anything for public consumption. Why, you may or may not ask? Because the world is a scary place and a fear of failure (and of spiders) is a very real thing, especially when it comes to putting stuff up on the Interwebz. I see friends who blog and post on Facebook and other mediums get cut down every day by “internet trolls”, just for putting themselves and their content out there. It’s frightening, but I’ve finally decided to throw caution to the wind and, frankly, get out of my own way. I’ve decided to put on my big boy panties and share this process of learning so that I may continue to grow as a clinician, learner, and person, and so that hopefully others may grow and learn as well as part of the adventure. So, today will mark the first of an undetermined amount of posts about things I find interesting, articles I read that I want to share, and quality information about “why sitting is bad” (but perhaps not quite “the new smoking”, cause smoking is still pretty bad), “why ice cream is the best thing since…ever”, and many more fun topics.

I should probably mention what’s also significant about yesterday, July 23rd. It will (hopefully) forever be known as my last day working as an associate chiropractor. I have decided to drop the “associate” word for good and I am opening up my own practice, both on Strong Island and in Manhattan. The world may not be kind to solo practitioners – you know, with that whole grossly screwed up system of healthcare we have – but I’d like to think that things are going to work out just fine. Worst case scenario, I wind up poor, fat (from the ice cream, obvs), alone, and have to turn to a life of crime just to make ends meet. I won’t lie, the thrill of said life is alluring, but I’m fairly certain I’m going to stick to what I’m working on knowing best; watching people move, judging them profusely for their movement dysfunctions and inadequacies, and then working to help them with passive and active techniques to move more efficiently and with more control.

I hope, if you made it this far, that you enjoy this wonderful Friday and stay tuned for an actual post sometime between now and July 23/24, 2018 wink emoticon

(*For the record, I found a website to calculate it, I didn’t count all of the days on a calendar. I’m anal-retentive, not pathological)

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